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Spatial Audio.

live audio performance.
immersive sound.

SoundSquares is a spatial audio plugin designed specifically to manage sound distribution across multiple speakers placed in a space. Unlike conventional speaker arrangements seen in movie theaters or venues with fixed audience positions, SoundSquares addresses the challenge of placing different sounds on multiple speakers in an environment without a defined listening location.


Imagine having a multitude of speakers and multiple audio sources to place within this setup. SoundSquares simplifies the process by providing an intuitive visual mapping interface. This visual approach streamlines the complex task of routing multiple sound sources to numerous speakers, reducing the need for extensive adjustments to array crossover points.

At its core, SoundSquares serves as a powerful tool for artists and installations requiring control over large speaker arrays in both installation and live performance scenarios. Its visual interface and intuitive controls make it a versatile solution for handling complex sound distributions in spatial audio setups, overcoming the limitations of traditional matrix mixers.

SoundSquares works as a Windows-compatible 32-bit VST2 plugin and is most effective when used with DAW Reaper. Does not meet stereo or 5.1 standards; instead, it treats each input as an individual channel. The plugin processes incoming channels through a series of transformations before sending them back to the DAW or directly to the output hardware.

Daz Disley, a polymathic creator and programmer, stands at the intersection of music, audio engineering, software development, and visual arts. As a trailblazing figure, Daz not only delved into music production and engineering but also pioneered advancements in sound art, eventually carving a path into software development. His ingenuity led to the conception and realization of SoundSquares, a groundbreaking plugin tailored for managing intricate audio distributions within spatial setups.

Beyond the realm of music, Daz’s artistic evolution now encompasses video-dance, camera performances, and innovative technology-based imagery. He skillfully intertwines musical perspectives with visual explorations, constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Proficient across various technology tools and programming languages, Daz not only uses existing systems but invents them, with SoundSquares being a testament to his innovation in revolutionizing audio spatialization.

Amidst his diverse artistic pursuits, from video editing to technical support at festivals, Daz remains deeply engaged in community-driven artistic initiatives. His involvement as a board member and resident artist with ‘SlumGothic’ exemplifies his commitment to utilizing art as a catalyst for social cohesion, especially within disadvantaged communities.

Daz actively contributes to academia, leading workshops and collaborating with diverse participant groups. Internationally recognized, his video works are fixtures at festivals worldwide, and his programming contributions, particularly the creation of SoundSquares, have significantly impacted the landscape of software development for artists and creators.


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