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Catastrophic Forgetting

Cold Diffusion Inaugural Event 2021

Catastrophic forgetting is the tendency of an artificial neural network to entirely and abruptly forget previously learned information when it learns new information.

Every time a neural network needs to learn something new, it forgets the previous information. It is a significant problem for continuous learning in machine learning models.

What will happen when machines can remember infinitely?

In a world where humans have become extinct.

What will machines remember about us?

How will that data affect the construction of socio-technological futures?

Catastrophic Forgetting was presented as part of the opening of the new permanently installed multi-channel sound system at x-church.

With 26 discrete loudspeakers spread across the space, it is one of the largest multi-channel systems in Lincolnshire, UK.

One of the highlights of this sound project that makes it unique is the community space in which the system is set up. There, both local artists and x-church residents will be able to access the system and produce their work.

A unique multi-channel sound system made available to the community, generating creative change for future generations of artists.

Original Title:
Catastrophic Forgetting ©

Live Performance

Premiere: 27.11.2021
X-church, Gainsborough, UK.

Year of production: 2021

Language: English

Running time in mm:ss: 17:42

Video Format:
Digitial | Full HD
| .MOV H.264 .MP4

Audio: Binaural
|Multichanel Performance 25.1

Audio Plugin: SoundSquares


Production | Commission: X-Church

Idea | Script | Composition | Visuals: Sol Rezza

Audio engineer | Soundsquares developer: Daz Disley

Voice-over: Lee

Speaker installation: x-church team

Binaural Video Master: Franco Falistoco

Photographs: Fenia Kotsopoulou | Irina Vainio

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