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My name is Sol Rezza, my goal, in exploring the interplay of sound, space and new audio technologies, is to redefine contemporary notions about time and space and how these influence the construction of contemporary immersive narratives.

Sol Rezza 01 - 2024

Next-generation audio involves leveraging technologies such as spatial audio processing, adaptive algorithms, and interactive soundscapes; methods depart from traditional approaches and offer a greater sense of immersion and interactivity, blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual spaces that we inhabit daily.

My ongoing research into next-generation audio delves into the cutting edge of digital storytelling. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional narratives and the evolving landscape of immersive audio. Employing cutting-edge methodologies such as adaptive spatial processing, real-time interactive sound design and AI-powered audio synthesis, the research seeks to push boundaries and set new benchmarks for experiential soundscapes.

Active participation within the community of independent creators and producers is essential for me. Through workshops and discussions, I aim to cultivate a space for dialogue and learning in the realm of immersive and experiential audio experiences.

These sessions have led to a significant exchange of ideas, fostering collaborative environments where participants explore innovative techniques and approaches to audio creation. The workshops not only improved technical skills but also encouraged critical thinking about the changing landscape of immersive sound narratives. The dialogues generated during these interactions have inspired new perspectives, driving the evolution of sound practices and strengthening collective knowledge within the community of creators and producers.

This search is not just about crafting narratives; is a quest to redefine how we perceive and interact with audio, paving the way for innovative immersive experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

Sol Rezza 2024.

Biography Sol Rezza

Sol Rezza is an Argentine composer, sound designer, and audio engineer who has excelled in crafting cutting-edge sonic experiences. Her focus revolves around merging experimental electronic soundscapes with advanced 3D sound technology to create immersive environments for virtual ecosystems and live performances.

Sol’s journey began with a mobile radio project across Latin America in 2006, collaborating closely with community radio stations, conducting audio editing workshops, and capturing on-site sounds. This period led her to discover radio art, and she has since continued to explore new forms of audio editing and mixing.

During her twelve-year stay in Mexico, Sol studied sound engineering and design, room acoustics, multichannel audio, and immersive audio. Her body of work includes the acclaimed album “SPIT” (2011) and the multichannel performance “In the Darkness of the World” (2015), inspired by Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

Upon returning to Argentina in 2019, Sol presented “Rooms in Your Mind” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and received commissions from festivals such as Tsonami and Kunstradio. In 2020, she participated in projects like “De Cerca Nadie es Normal” and showcased “All is Waves” at the MUTEK Festival.

Throughout 2021, Sol remained actively involved in the creation of innovative works and collaborative projects. These include “Finite Infinite”, a contribution to the virtual exhibition “Para 80000” and the presentation of “Inundare” at the MUTEK AR/ES Festival. At the same time, Sol delved into research on the nuances of intensity in electronic music and digital visual art. One of the highlights of the year was Sol’s performance of “Catastrophic Forgetting” at the 2021 Cold Diffusion Festival in England, a composition meticulously crafted for 24.1 channels and displayed using SoundSquares audio spatialization software.

In 2022, Sol premiered the quadraphonic piece “Abismos” at the Centro Cultural Kirchner and released the binaural album “Amanece,” exploring the transformation of time and space perception through technologies like AI, machine learning, VR, and immersive audio.

Since 2023, Sol Rezza has been deeply engaged in extensive research, exploring the intersection of next-generation audio integration, advances in spatial audio, and artificial intelligence, and their impact on shaping contemporary immersive sound narratives.

Through this research initiative, Sol Rezza aims to foster the exchange of knowledge and recommendations among independent content creators and developers, promoting the effective integration of these emerging audio technologies and advancements in the diverse landscape of immersive storytelling. Looking ahead, how will these technologies shape the evolution of audio experiences? Additionally, what role do independent producers play in creatively utilizing these new audio technologies?

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