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I’m Sol Rezza, a sound designer and audio engineer committed to crafting immersive narrative experiences through the exploration of sound. I delve into the connection between time, space, and advanced audio technologies.

Sol Rezza 01 - 2024

My sonic creations function as explorations into how our minds and bodies navigate the transformations that notions of time and space are undergoing in connection with technologies. Using spatial audio and advanced 3D sound, I invite a reconfiguration of auditory experiences through immersive storytelling in both virtual and physical realms, generating an analysis of how sound has the potential to reshape our connection with the environments we inhabit and the technological developments we are undergoing.

In the midst of complex times, where notions of time and space are constantly being redefined, my ongoing research on next-generation audio aims to bridge the gap between traditional narratives and the evolving landscape of immersive audio. Employing cutting-edge methodologies such as adaptive spatial processing, real-time interactive sound design, and AI-driven audio synthesis, my goal is to establish new benchmarks for experimental immersive sonic narratives.

Active participation within the community of independent creators and producers is of paramount importance to me. Through workshops and discussions, I establish a space for dialogue and learning in the realm of immersive audio experiences, inviting independent producers to develop their own narrative proposals from their distinctive perspectives on time and space. The fundamental question revolves around how we engage through listening to the new economic, physical, social, virtual, natural, scientific, technological, and hybrid spaces of contemporary times.

The annual sessions have become a breeding ground for significant idea exchanges, fostering collaborative environments where participants explore innovative techniques for creation. These workshops not only enhance technical skills but also cultivate critical thinking about the ever-changing landscape of immersive sonic narratives. The dialogues generated during these interactions aim to propel the evolution of robust practices and strengthen collective knowledge within the community of unconventional creators and producers.

This pursuit is not just about crafting narratives; it is a quest to redefine how we perceive and interact with sound from the temporal and spatial dimensions we inhabit. It paves the way for innovative immersive experiences that resonate with the diversity of audiences. In times when technological danger lies not in the technology itself but in the exclusion of technologies from the diversity of worlds coexisting in this realm, space, narratives, and sound become focal points for integration, development, and movement.

Technology doesn’t dictate change; we are the ones hacking the system with our technological prowess.

Sol Rezza 2024.

Biography Sol Rezza

Sol Rezza is a composer, sound designer, and audio engineer who has carved a path in the realms of immersive narratives and spatial audio. Residing in Mexico for 14 years enriched her understanding of soundscapes and aboriginal narratives concerning time and space. This exploration period led to a diverse skill set, including sound engineering, sound design, room acoustics, spatial audio, and immersive audio.

Sol’s commitment to experimental sound productions spans various mediums, from radio and video games to installations and live performances.

Her second album, “SPIT”, released in 2011, received praise from the American press and was selected by artist Steve Heimbecker to be featured in the first series of multichannel concerts for the 64-channel Turbulence Sound Matrix system. In 2015, the multichannel performance “In the Darkness of the World”, commissioned by the CTM festival, was described by Crack Magazine as “a captivating sonic experience seamlessly blending alien sounds and otherworldly oceanic realms with snippets of spoken word and immersive ambient layers, creating a disorienting yet undeniably pleasant effect.” In this work, Sol Rezza combines hydrophone recordings, experimental music, and sound design to recreate the underwater world of Jules Verne’s novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.

Among the international collaborations and commissions, the experimental electronic music piece “Rooms in Your Mind,” presented at the centenary of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, and “POOL – Die Möglichkeiten des Wassers,” commissioned by the Tsonami Festival of Sound Art in Chile and Kunstradio in Austria in 2019, stand out. The latter immerses us in a series of household appliance loops and field recordings of various watercourses to offer a powerful vision of the use of water in our everyday lives. In the same year, 2019, Sol Rezza presents her quadraphonic piece “Infinite Train” in the space of an old gasoline tank at the Universidad de San Martín, as part of the Tanque project.

In 2020, Sol takes part in the collaborative project “De Cerca Nadie es Normal” within the context of Cantera, the experimental film space at the Centro Cultural Kirchner. This audiovisual project is co-produced with the General Archive of the Nation and the Center of Sound Art CASO. During the same year, she presents her audiovisual work “All is Waves” at the MUTEK Montreal Festival. The following year, she is invited to participate in the virtual exhibition “Para 80000” with her piece “Finite Infinite”, inspired by the Russian mathematician Gregory Cantor. Also in that year, she performs “Inundare” as part of the MUTEK Argentina/Spain Festival.

The year 2021 marked a turning point in her career with the presentation of “Catastrophic Forgetting,” an audiovisual installation specifically designed for the X-Church Cultural Center, a Gothic church from 1882. This piece consists of a live performance with 25 audio channels. The project debuted on November 21, 2021, as part of the inauguration of the new multichannel sound system permanently installed at the X-Church Cultural Center. This audio system is one of the largest in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, providing local artists and residents of X-Church the opportunity to create their own spatial audio works using this cutting-edge technology.

In 2022, Sol creates the quadraphonic piece “Abismos”, which is presented live at the Ruido Festival. At the same time, she releases the album “Amanece”, a binaural audiovisual work exploring generative music, tempera paintings, and software kaleidoscope techniques, where she continues to develop her interest in the relationship with new technologies. In this case, she explores the power of technologies to capture our attention and mesmerize us.

Currently, Sol Rezza is researching the impact of next-generation audio, advancements in spatial audio, and artificial intelligence on digital storytelling. Her work highlights the transformative potential of technologies such as AI, machine learning, virtual reality, and immersive audio in reshaping our perception of time and space. A fundamental aspect of her work is actively sharing her experience through workshops and mentorships, with the aim of contributing to the development of the next generation of audio artists and professionals.

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