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Yeast-Hefe-Sol Rezza-Franco Falistoco-

YEAST/HEFE is an experimental radio work in collaboration between sound artist Franco Falistoco and Sol Rezza presented for the first time at the Tsonami Festival Chile 2020.

“The first function of the spirit is to tell and create stories. The driving force of the human being is the conviction to find, at the end of one’s search, the ultimate meaning of the world” – Bruno Schulz.

In the particular pandemic situation experienced around the world during 2020. An unexpected event connected us with an ancestral activity: making bread at home.
At the same time, this activity connected us with the life of a small being called: yeast.

For the realization of this sound work, the production team talked to their loved ones, friends, relatives and acquaintances, asking if at any time during the confinement they had started to make bread at home. To our surprise, most people made or learned to make bread or sourdough.
When we asked why make bread, we heard an almost unanimous answer: It makes me feel good.

Here is the story of this little being that has made many of us feel good at such a particular moment in the history of mankind: Yeast.

Original Title: YEAST/HEFE©

Year of production: 2020

Premiere: 19.12.2020

Language: Spanish | English | German

Running time in mm:ss: 30:00

Audio: 2.0

Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition : Sol Rezza / Franco Falistoco | German voice: Mariam Frick | German voice recording: Fenia Kotsopoulou | Spanish voice: Guillermo Peñalvez | English voice: Kal Cahoone | Drums: Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo | Fragment «Le sommet des soupirs»: María Cristina Kasem | Soundscape: Lucía Rotania Pluganou | Production: Franco Falistoco

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