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De cerca nadie es normal

De cerca nadie es normal - Sol Rezza - 2021

The proposal is part of Cantera, the cinema space of the Kirchner Cultural Center that disseminates audiovisual pieces with a strong experimental and reflective stamp, without denying the importance of aesthetic enjoyment as a political act. A way of relating to the audiovisual: to move away from any mandate in relation to what «is» and to allow oneself to explore the diffuse borders that delimit forms.

«An algorithm is an opinion expressed in code.»

In her short film cycles, Cantera sought to explore and discuss the notions of homeland, work and future. De cerca nadie es normal (Up close no one is normal) continues this line of investigation, and for this purpose she summoned the composers Sol Rezza, Agustina Wetzel and Cecilia Castro.

The composers worked on the documentary «Por tierras argentinas», a silent film directed by Federico Valle that portrays the whole country as it was seen in 1929. Filmed in black and white, it travels through the different regions from north to south, showing the landscapes and the work of the workers, capturing the look of the time on the project of the country of the Generation of ’80. The film, an exponent of the Argentine silent film, was conceived as an institutional production so that the world would know the goodness of the Argentine territory, and De cerca nadie es normal proposes an approach to that historical period and its idiosyncrasy.

Sol Rezza’s work is anchored in some of the questions the composer asked herself: what does it mean to become algorithms? How do we define colonization? What are the real technological advances? How do we look at migration? What is the role of women in this new era?

Rezza looks for some answers in the letters and writings of Victoria Ocampo and Virginia Woolf, women with a strong feminist point of view in a very particular time; current news and fragments of the novel I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov, forming a play of words, emotions and sounds that recreate a social imaginary of a very special country.

Original Title: De cerca nadie es normal ©

Year of production: 2020

Premiere: 21.10.2020

Language: Spanish

Running time in mm:ss: 14:02

Format: Digitial | Full HD | .MOV H.264 .MP4

Audio: 2.0


Production / Commissioned by: Centro de Arte Sonoro CAso | Cantera Centro Cultural Kirchner

Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza

Original film: Federico Valle «Por tierras argentinas» 1929

Producción: Florencia Curci | Amparo Aguilar

Partners: Centro Cultural Kirchner | Centro de Arte Sonoro CAso | Archivo General de la Nación

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