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TEMAZCAL is a live performance by Sol Rezza that mixes experimental electronics with storytelling. This performance has as its principal theme the understanding of the shared acoustic space.

Through rhythmic sounds, Sol Rezza investigates the sensory experience lived in the steam baths used in traditional medicine and in the daily life of the aboriginal peoples of central Mexico. A place where the sense of hearing and touch completely change our way of perceiving space.

In this work, Rezza brings to life the sensations experienced during the Temazcal ritual, inviting the audience to experience the perceptual changes in complete darkness accompanied by the sound story.

Read: The immersive experience of a Temazcal

Original Title: TEMAZCAL©

Year of production: 2019 – 2020

Premiere: 06.09.2019 Complejo astronómico Municipal Espacio Lab

Language: Spanish

Running time in mm:ss: 45:00

Format : Digitial | Full HD | .MOV H.264 .MP4

Audio: 2.0

Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition / Performance: Sol RezzaLive Sound Engineering and Lights: staff Centro Cultural Parque de España/AECID – EspacioLabProduction: Franco Falistoco | Organization: Centro Cultural Parque de España/AECID – EspacioLab | Institut français d’Argentine

Sol Rezza Temazcal 2020
Sol Rezza Temazcal 2020

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