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The beauty of a life, conscious and pure. One that machines may learn to secure.

Amidst the march of technology’s advance,
Where machines are taught to think, to prance
Towards consciousness, a near approximation
The rural world beckons, a humanly incarnation

A world of sensitivity, of conscious living
Where man and nature coexist, forgiving
In this oasis, a lesson lies
Of a life beyond machines and their guise

Shouldn’t this be the first lesson imparted,
To machines that are yet uncharted
The beauty of a life, conscious and pure
One that machines may learn to secure.

These women carry on age-old traditions of planting and harvesting, making their insights invaluable in understanding the relationship between humans, nature, and technology.

Through Sentronium, Sol Rezza has created a work of digital storytelling that bridges the gap between the rural and technological worlds. The piece inspires us to think deeply about the role of consciousness in the development of artificial intelligence, and how we might draw from the wisdom of the rural world to teach machines how to be more human-like.

“Sentronium” is a quadraphonic audiovisual project that merges art, technology, and rural heritage. Drawing inspiration from the concepts of consciousness and information theorized by physicist Max Tegmark, it delves into the rural landscape.

This creation emerged from the Binaural Rural 2021 residency, during which artist Franco Falistoco engaged in interviews with the women of Alva, Portugal, alongside Sol Rezza.

The setting of Alva, Portugal, serves as a stunning backdrop for Sentronium. Its rolling hills, lush forests, and serene rivers provide a picturesque glimpse into a world that has long been in tune with nature. The women interviewed for the piece represent a community that has developed a deep understanding of the natural world.

Original Title: Sentronium ©
Year of production: 2021
Premiere: 02.10.2021
Language: Spanish|English|Portuguese
Running time in mm:ss: 12:00
Video Format: Digitial | Full HD | .MOV H.264 .MP4

Production / Commissioned by: Binaural Nodar | Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza | In collaboration with: Franco Falistoco | Interviews: Franco Falistoco|Women Interviewed: Maria Moreira / Candida Almeida / Aldina Moreira / Aldina Silva / Eulália Carvalho / Graciosa Moreira / Saldra Silva | Production: Luis Gomes Da Costa / Nely Ferreira / Sandra Silva / Daniel Almeida | Special thanks: Felipe Bustos Gutiérrez / Alba Bosca Carrió / Rancho Folclórico As Morenitas de Alva / Antonio Almeida / Simon Whetham / Josefina Fuentes / Daniel V.Melim / Ana Gago| Partners: Biblioteca Municipal Castro Daire / Municipio de Castro Daire

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