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Die Möglichkeiten des Wassers


Original Title: POOL ©
ISRC: AR-ZVH-20-00037
Year of production: 2020
Release Date: 02/02/2020
Audio: Stereo


Sol Rezza’s album, “POOL,” dives into a sonic world where small sound loops echo the experimental compositions of the ’60s by Delia Derbyshire and Brian Eno‘s generative techniques. This collection reflects on the transformative essence of water, harnessing its power to shape soundscapes.

Each track in “POOL” emerges from meticulous crafting, starting with tiny sound loops from field recordings that undergo a metamorphosis into longer, textured arrangements. This process, spanning approximately four months, unveils an intricate composition method. Sol Rezza painted a musical score inspired by hues, exploring varied tones that influence the sonic landscape of each piece.

The album encapsulates a series of immersive experiences, each track bearing titles like “Immersión,” “Sumergirse,” and “Flotar,” evoking states of immersion and floating amidst textured soundscapes. The artistry behind “POOL” lies not just in its sounds but in the deliberate fusion of sound and visual art, drawing parallels to a carefully painted canvas created with tempera and ink.

“POOL” is an exploration into the boundless possibilities of sound, drawing listeners into a realm where every note is a ripple, every sound a wave, and every composition a reflection of water’s transformative essence.

Production / Commissioned by: Tsonami Festival / Radio Kunst | Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza |  Productor: Franco Falistoco 

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