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Finite Infinite

Fear of infinity is a form of myopia that destroys the possibility of seeing real infinity, even though its highest form has created and sustained us.

In the radio art piece Finite Infinite, Sol Rezza explores an abstract narrative inspired by the Russian mathematician Gregor Cantor, known for formalizing set theory and delving into diverse ideas surrounding mathematical infinity.

Through the application of various mathematical algorithms and generative composition, Rezza creates a musical soundscape.

This mathematically-driven sonic work serves as an expression of Cantor’s surprising conclusion that infinities can exist in different sizes.

Original Title: Finite Infinite ©
ISRC: AR-ZVH-21-00044
Year of production: 2021
Release Date: 26/03/2021
Audio: 2.0

Finite Infinite constitutes a radio art creation seamlessly integrating electronic music within the virtual realm of the Para Radio 80000 gallery. In collaboration with over 40 artists spanning diverse disciplines, including experimental music, sound art, innovative radio concepts, performance, and sound installation, the Para 80000 project presents a digital sound exhibition challenging the conventional linear structure of radio programs. Themed around ‘Time and Rhythm Disarmed,’ the exhibition delves into the digital essence of sound, highlighting its detachment and suspension from time and tempo. Commissioned by Para 80000, Sol Rezza spearheads the concept, sound design, and composition, with collaborative support from partners such as the Goethe Institut, the Department of Art and Culture of the city of Munich, and 80000 e.V.

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