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Finite Infinite

Finite Infinite - Sol Rezza 2021

“Fear of infinity is a form of myopia that destroys the possibility of seeing real infinity, even though its highest form has created and sustained us.” – Gregor Cantor

Finite Infinite  is a work of radio art that mixes electronic music presented in the virtual gallery Para 80000.

“Together with more than 40 national and international artists from the fields of experimental music, sound art, new radio concepts, performance and sound installation, we present a radio takeover and digital sound exhibition that intervenes in the inherent linearity of conventional radio programs and offers versatile artistic proposals in sound. Following the theme “Time and rhythm disarmed”, we want to focus on the digital nature of sound and the related detachment and suspension of time and tempo. Throughout March and April 2021, we proudly present a parasitic structure of coexistence at the interface of sound and visual art.” – Para 80000

In this work, Sol Rezza recreates an abstract narrative about the Russian mathematician Gregor Cantor, whose set theory formalised different ideas about mathematical infinity.

Through the use of different mathematical algorithms and generative composition, a musical sound universe is recreated. This mathematically constructed sound work demonstrates Cantor’s surprising conclusion that there are infinities of different sizes.

Original Title: Finite Infinite ©

Year of production: 2021

Premiere: 26.03.2021

Running time in mm:ss: 13:00

Audio: 2.0

Production / Commissioned by: Para 80000 | Idea / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza  | Partners: Goethe Institut / City of Munich Departament of Arts and Culture / 80000 e.V

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