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Filaments of a Circle

Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.

Filaments of a Circle: An Exploration of the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

It’s an audiovisual series that delves into the enigmatic realm of the Alice syndrome in Wonderland. This experiential narrative reveals the intriguing phenomena of this clinical disorder, where individuals encounter fleeting episodes of distorted perceptions related to body image, object size, distance, shape, spatial relationships, and even time itself.

Created in collaboration between the artists Analucía Roeder and Sol Rezza, “Filaments of a Circle” was a commission made for the IN/OUT 2021 festival.

The title, “Filaments of a Circle”, is derived from a visual metaphor reminiscent of the delicate filaments of a plant suspended within a glass of water. This physical phenomenon closely resembles the distorted perceptions found in the Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

Drawing inspiration from the works of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, known as Lewis Carroll, the renowned author of Alice in Wonderland, the project delves into the hypothesis that Dodgson may have experienced the same syndrome that he portrayed through the extraordinary journey of Alicia.

Speculated to have suffered from severe migraines, Dodgson’s personal encounters with this disorder are mirrored in the puzzling adventures Alice embarks on.

“Filaments of a Circle” unfolds through four different stories, each one an intimate story of different collaborators in different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and German). These unique stories offer deep insight into specific objects or situations, adding a multidimensional layer to the overall experience.

Voices and Stories: Natalia Lebeis  Filaments of the Circle I | Emily Welther Filaments of the Circle II | Martina Greiner Filaments of the Circle III | Analucía Roeder Sol Rezza Filaments of the Circle IV
Other voices and contributions : Marcela & Lucía Rotania / Chico Dub
Production: Franco Falistoco

Original Title: Filaments of the Circle ©
Year of production: 2021
Video Format: Digitial | Full HD | .MOV H.264 .MP4
Audio: Binaural
All videos by: Analucía Roeder
All audios by: Sol Rezza

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