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Estamos midiendo el río – 2018

Estamos midiendo la orilla del río aquí |
نحن هنا لقياس ضفة النهر | 
We are just measuring the riverside here | 
Nous mesurons actuellement le rivage ici

Estamos mediendo el río is an experimental radio play produced by Sol Rezza together with the community of Radio Corax in the framework of the radio art residency.

This sound work reflects the plurality of voices that inhabit a community radio station. The complexity of communication in a multicultural environment, when language is not an impediment to understanding. When sounds really speak.

Five Radio Corax collaborators speaking different languages (German, French, Arabic) together with Sol Rezza (Spanish) made the walk recording their impressions of a specific place, a small path that runs along with one of the most important rivers in the city of Halle (Saale).

Original Title: Estamos midiendo el río©

Year of production: 2018

Premiere: 20.2.2018 Radio Corax | 25.4.2018 Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Language: Spanish | English | German | French | Arabic

Format: Album | Digital | Stereo

Production / Commissioned by:  Radio Corax / Goethe Institut | Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition / Performance: Sol Rezza |  Live Sound EngineeringRadio Corax Technical Staff | Voices: Radio Corax community / Sol Rezza | Partners: Goethe Institut / Radio Corax / HWG

Radio-Corax-04 - Sol Rezza 2018

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