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Entre Marte y Júpiter

The nights were sometimes very long. They couldn’t sleep all night. What were they looking at? The sky they watched! – Esmeralda Mallada

“We know that light is an electromagnetic wave that is transmitted in waves. But the physical part of light is one thing. Perhaps what can be said to the people who watch is, talk about the enormous speed that it has, but that it is not instantaneous.

I could be looking at a flower that is on the tree, a beautiful red flower that a hummingbird was there a little while ago. I’m looking at that at the very moment it’s happening. I can’t even imagine that some time has passed since the hummingbird was there, doing something, until I saw it. Because it’s practically instantaneous. But be clear that this is only within what is very close.

Nothing but the sun, the light I’m receiving, came out eight minutes ago. I am not seeing the sun as it is now. If the sun were to explode, if something happened to it, I wouldn’t find out until eight minutes. In this sense, the astronomical part, all we have of astronomy is an image at different times. It has to do with time”

— Esmeralda Herminia Mallada Invernizzi

Entre Marte y Júpiter is a cutting-edge experimental radioart work, showing the fascinating story of two pioneering Uruguayan astronomers, Gladys Vergara and Esmeralda Herminia Mallada Invernizzi. This bilingual (Spanish-German) production was commissioned by the Goethe-Institut and created by Sol Rezza, as part of the “Das Haus in Montevideo” project.

Through mesmerizing soundscapes, Entre Marte y Júpiter immerses listeners in the impressive world of celestial phenomena and bodies, while exploring the hidden relationship between Uruguay and astronomy. Revealing a little-known perspective, the work invites us to discover the rich history of more than 130 years of research and teaching in this field, and highlights the crucial role women have played in shaping our understanding of the cosmos.

Gladys Vergara, who died in 2016, left an indelible mark on amateur astronomy in Uruguay. As the founder of the Association of Amateur Astronomers of Uruguay, she was known for her unparalleled mathematical calculations of eclipses in the days before computers could do this work.

Esmeralda Herminia Mallada Invernizzi, who co-founded the same association, has left an equally impressive legacy. As a professor of cosmography and mathematics, and a member of the International Astronomical Union, she has been instrumental in developing new insights and insights in this fascinating field.

Entre Marte y Júpiter is an engaging and thought-provoking work of art that explores the intersection of sound, language, culture, and science. It offers a unique and immersive experience that is sure to captivate and inspire all who encounter it.

Original Title: Entre Marte y Júpiter ©
Year of production: 2021
Running time in mm:ss: 34:00
Audio Format: Binaural | Wav 48Khz/24bit
Language: Spanish | German
Author: Sol Rezza
Interviewed: Esmeralda Herminia Mallada Invernizzi
Production | Script editing: Franco Falistoco
Translation and Interpretation in German: Martina Greiner
Cover Illustration: Javier Casadidio
Goethe Institut Uruguay

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