A work in collaboration with Franco Falistoco

Premiere at the Tsonami Festival 2020.

Festival TSONAMI | Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro

“The first function of the spirit is to tell and create stories. The driving force of the human being is the conviction to find, at the end of one’s search, the ultimate meaning of the world” Bruno Schulz.

In view of the particular situation experienced worldwide this year, an unexpected event connected us with an ancestral activity: making bread at home.
In turn, this activity connected us to the life of a tiny being called yeast.

Before starting this sound work, the production team talked to their loved ones, friends, family and acquaintances asking if this situation was replicated in their homes. To our surprise most people at some point in the confinement set out to make bread or sourdough.
When we asked why we should make bread, we found an almost unanimous response: It makes me feel good.

Here is the story of this tiny being who has made many of us feel good at such a particular time in human history: The Yeast.

“La primera función del espíritu es contar y crear historias. La fuerza motriz del ser humano es la convicción de encontrar, al final de su búsqueda, el sentido último del mundo.” Bruno Schulz.

Ante la particular situación vivida en todo el mundo este año, un hecho inesperado nos conectó con una actividad ancestral: hacer pan en casa.
A su vez, esta actividad nos conectó con la vida de un pequeño ser llamado levadura.

Antes de comenzar este trabajo sonoro, el equipo de producción habló con sus seres queridos, amigos, familiares y conocidos preguntando si esta situación se replicaba en sus hogares. Para nuestra sorpresa, la mayoría de las personas se propusieron en algún momento del encierro hacer pan o masa madre.
Cuando preguntamos por qué hacer pan, encontramos una respuesta casi unánime: Me hace sentir bien.

Aquí la historia de este pequeño ser que nos ha hecho sentir bien a muchos en un momento tan particular de la historia de la humanidad: La levadura.

Project information:
Original Title: YEAST/HEFE©
Year of production: 2020
Country of production: Argentina
Premiere: 19/12/2020 | Festival Tsonami
Language: Spanish | English  | German
Running time in mm:ss: 30:00

Technical Aspects:
Format: Digitial 
Audio: 2.0

Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza - Franco Falistoco

Spanish - German version:
German voice: Mariam Frick
German translation and German voice recording: Fenia Kotsopoulou
Spanish voice: Guillermo Peñalvez
Spanish - English version:
English voice: Kal Cahoone

Drums:Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo
Fragment "Le sommet des soupirs": María Cristina Kasem
Soundscape: Lucía Rotania Pluganou

Thanks to all who got involved and helped us create this work in the midst of the pandemic.

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