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Sentronium is a work produced by Sol Rezza as part of the Binaural Nodar Residency 2021.

Physicist Max Tegmark is convinced that consciousness is the way information feels.

Sentronium is quadraphonic audio-visual storytelling developed between the margins of the rural world and the technological future.

The piece is a collaboration with artist Franco Falistoco based on interviews with women from the rural community of Alva, Portugal, made during their residency at Binaural Nodar 2021.

Sol Rezza juxtaposes the work of a community that in its daily life carries out ancestral activities of sowing and harvesting with the current technological view of the development of artificial intelligence.

From a critical point of view, Sol Rezza proposes to revise the existing rural world as a starting point for the teaching of consciousness in artificial intelligence.

Original Title:
Sentronium ©

Year of production: 2021

Premiere: 02.10.2021

Language: Spanish|English

Running time in mm:ss: 12:02

Video Format:
Digitial | Full HD
| .MOV H.264 .MP4

Audio: Binaural
|Surround 4.1


Production / Commissioned by: Binaural Nodar

This work is a collaboration with the artist Franco Falistoco in the framework of the Binaural Nodar artist residency in Castro Daire (Portugal) in September 2021.

Idea / Script / Composition / Visuals: Sol Rezza

Interviews: Franco Falistoco

Partners: Biblioteca Municipal Castro Daire | Municipio de Castro Daire

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