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POOL – Die Möglichkeiten des Wassers

POOL-Score-VII - Sol Rezza 2019

Commissioned by the Festival TSONAMI and Kunst Radio 2019.

POOL is a work that takes as its starting point the transforming power of the water element.

From the forms of generative composition POOL in closes small sound loops made of several recordings of the water where each fragment is modified; thus forming a sound loop that at the end of the work reconnects with the beginning.

The score of this work was worked in the form of small squares based on color schemes that relate to each of the main frequencies in which the sound loops are elaborated.

Original Title: POOL – Die Möglichkeiten des Wassers©

Year of production: 2019

Premiere: 12.02.2019

Running time in mm:ss: 25:17

Format: Digitial . WAV

Audio: 2.0


Production / Commissioned by: TSONAMI Festival | Kunst Radio

Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza

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