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Commissioned by Radio Art Residency | Radio Corax | Goethe Institut

Radio Art Residency
Radio Corax
Goethe Institut

We are all storytellers.
Opening is a live performance that takes as a meeting point an interview with the English scientist Julian Barbour about timeless physics.

Opening was a live performance by Sol Rezza presented as part of the Radio Art Residency organized by the community radio station Radio Corax and the Goethe Institut in Halle, Germany.

Todos somos narradores de historias.
Opening es una perfomance en vivo que toma como punto de encuentro una entrevista con el científico inglés Julian Barbour acerca de la física atemporal.

La inauguración fue una actuación en directo realizada por Sol Rezza presentada en el marco de la Residencia de Arte Radiofónico organizada por la emisora comunitaria Radio Corax y el Goethe Institut en Halle, Alemania.

Project information:
Original Title: Opening ©
Year of production: 2018
Country of production: Germany
Premiere: 13.2.2018 - Literaturhause in Halle (Saale) Germany
Running time in mm:ss: 41:12
Language: Spanish | English

Technical Aspects:
Format: Live Perfomance | Digitial | Full HD | .MOV H.264 .MP4
Audio: 2.0

Production / Commissioned by: Radio Art Residency - Radio Corax / Goethe Institut
Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza
Interviewed: Julian Barbour - British physicist with research interests in quantum gravity and the history of science, author of the book The End of Time
Interviewer: Daniel Iván
Photos: Marcus-Andreas Mohr

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