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Halle Klang Karte

Halle Klang Karte 2018 Sol Rezza

Radio Art Residency | Radio Corax | Goethe Institut

Halle Klang Karte is a compilation of various works produced during Radio Art Recidency in 2018 in the city of Halle, Germany.

This album is an experimental sound map that covers different aspects of the city of Halle.

In this map of experimental works that play between radio art and experimental music we find ourselves in a diverse journey that goes from a multicultural journey that reflects the migration of this small city, through the interpretation of the residence that the artist Lyonel Feininger made in the 30’s, the importance of salt in the history of Halle and the European economy, the wall of illusion in an alley and chosen soundscapes that take us by the hand through the streets and historical sites of an unexpected place.

Original Title: Halle Klang Karte

Year of production: 2018

Language: Spanish | English | German

Format: Album | Digitial .Wav

Audio: 2.0


Production / Commissioned by: Radio Art Residency – Radio Corax

Idea / Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza

Co-producer: Radio Corax

Partners: Goethe Institut

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