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El Año del Conejo

In Mexico I found a book and a stone, in these two elements I found traces of a very complex country

Launch of the Calathea Experimenta label
Composed and edited in Mexico in 2010, this reissue features new mastering that incorporates immersive audio tools from the original lossless files.

Mexico/Argentina – 2010/2023

Calathe Experimenta

Sol Rezza’s radio artwork, “The Year of the Rabbit,” fuses an interview with Esperanza Rascón with Laurette Sejourné’s exploration of “Náhuatl Thought Encrypted in Calendars,” creating an immersive listening experience. Through a combination of soundscapes, interviews, and narrative elements, Rezza delves into the deep layers of Sejourné’s study, unraveling the intricate tapestry of Nahuatl thought encoded in ancient calendars. Rascón, an esteemed cultural promoter and activist, contributes her insights and debates within this radio artwork, navigating the intertwined connections between Sejourné’s academic ideas, the enigmatic realm of Nahuatl calendars, and the broader implications.

Sejourné’s book explores the understanding of time, cosmology and spirituality within the Nahuatl civilization. Delving into the complexities of the Nahuatl calendar and other calendrical systems, Sejourné illuminates how these temporal understandings shaped the social, religious, and agricultural practices of the Nahuatl people. Her work deciphers the philosophical essence of these calendars, revealing a sophisticated understanding of cyclical time, the celestial bodies, and the profound interaction between the spiritual and material realms. Sejourné’s research portrays calendars as practical tools for daily life and as profound expressions of Nahuatl worldview and spirituality.

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