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A tale about roads.

Original Title: 20©
ISRC: AR-ZVH-24-00050
Year of production: 2024
Release Date: 06/02/2024
Audio: Binaural

20 is not just a number; it’s an immersive journey to the heart of sound, a symphony born from the simple act of choosing, at the request of my beautiful friend Fenia, a number.

I chose 20.

Days later, amid the dance of our shared existence, she gifts me a voice audio that resonates through the corridors of perception.

Under the glow of a shared moon. In an exactly square room, the sounds merge into an experience designed exclusively for two ears: not three, and certainly not eight.

This is a binaural odyssey. Designed to be embraced intimately, with the dual receptors that nature bestowed upon you. For full immersion, I urge you to wear headphones. If you possess two ears, this is an invitation to a journey; anything less might leave you yearning to enter through the window.

20 is a ticket to a tale about roads.

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