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HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function)

HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function), is a mathematical representation that describes the filtering process that occurs when sound travels from a sound source to the listener’s ears, taking into account the unique characteristics of the head and ears.

Each individual has a different HRTF, as the shape and size of the head, ears, and torso affect how sound is perceived. HRTF captures these individualized characteristics and is used to simulate the spatial perception of sound in immersive audio systems.

HRTF data is collected using specialized techniques, such as measurements taken with a dummy head or computer modelling. This data is then used to create digital filters that emulate the unique acoustic characteristics of the individual. These filters are applied to audio signals to accurately recreate the spatial cues and sound localization cues that a listener would experience in a real world environment.

By applying the appropriate HRTF filters, immersive audio systems can create a compelling sense of direction, distance, and elevation of sound sources. This enhances the overall realism and immersive quality of the audio experience, especially when using headphones or other binaural listening techniques.

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