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Workshop 2023

Starts on 12/07/2023

Immersive Sound Storytelling

Online | Spanish Language

Immersive works bring us closer to new experiences related to space and are radically changing our ways of designing stories where the user is completely immersed.
At the same time, spatial audio technologies are changing the ways in which sound is manipulated for both physical and virtual environments.

In the Immersive Sound Narratives (Part I) workshop, held in early 2023 at WIP, we delve into the world of sound narratives, with special emphasis on spatial audio and immersive audio. We explore essential concepts related to immersive sound narratives, discuss effective workflow organization, and introduce various techniques and software relevant to surround sound production.
In this second workshop or Part II, we will explore the complexities of immersive audio, with a specific focus on binaural audio and the spatialization of sound in physical environments. At the same time, we will carry out practical exercises to deepen our understanding of the editing processes associated with these techniques.

Workshop 2023

Starts on 09/05/2023

Immersive Audio

Online | Spanish Language

The experimentation around creating immersive audio content is enormous in both its variety and scope. Increasingly, productions from various disciplines are incorporating the potential to create experiences with 3D sound, allowing people to feel immersed in a real world or offering them the opportunity to find new experiences.

Throughout this journey at Image Campus, you’ll understand how to achieve such immersive audio experiences and explore the wide range of tools available for recording, production, and playback. This knowledge will allow you to create personalized experiences for each unique piece of content.

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