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“Suppose for a moment that you no longer see what you usually see when you see, that you no longer touch what you usually touch when you touch. That the objects that you thought you knew dissolve, that the words merge into each other, that everything that seemed to have a form loses it.”

This excerpt belongs to the back cover of the CACTUS edition of Matter and Memory, by Henri Bergson. If we weren’t in 2020, we’d think it was written on purpose.

Let us suppose that nothing is what it is, that nothing is what it was and that surely, under this syllogism, nothing will be what we hope it to be. That absolutely everything changes, and changes quickly.

We are not at the dawn of the application of the Pentagon protocols for a zombie apocalypse, nor in the sanitary crises of the plagues that ravaged the Middle Ages. We are in 2020, at a singular juncture of extremes and many inequalities. Nothing we think or see these days is something that has not happened before. This has happened, it happens to us again, it will return in the near future surely with another wardrobe. It always happens. It differs the way we remember or keep it in mind.

Without a doubt we are experiencing a break, a crossroads of history. We are not yet able to clearly distinguish its magnitude, but we are able to analyze the economic, social and political constructions in which we live.

At this crossroads of history, time changes its rhythm. An economic paralysis stops us and redefines structures. Perhaps it gives us the possibility of meeting in a different way to strengthen ourselves.

What can those possible encounters be?

Share and participate: Many fellow artists, teachers, friends are doing online activities. Spreading these activities is always helpful.

Continue talking about the life we like and are interested for us: Being informed without immersing ourselves in total isolation, defeat and fear. Giving us other spaces and strengthening other themes that still are important.

Act responsibly: This situation is probably much longer and more complex than we imagine. The responsibilities that concern us as citizens is important to practice in daily life for as long as it takes. But it is also our responsibility to prevent fear of the other. Social isolation, the demonization of the other was never a source of good omens.

Reinterpreting reality: In the face of bewilderment, the urgent need imposed, simple things sometimes save us. Reinterpreting the reality that occurs is important. Each thought about what is happening, each experience is valid and necessary; finally it is what builds the collective memory.

It is necessary to know where we are located, each and every one, not only having a dimension of the physical space (place) but in the social dimension, too.

We are artists, builders of meaning, references (although many times we do not think about it or want it). We need to be clear about where we are going, where to locate ourselves and understand our competences.

At times like this we must understand that we must be close, show solidarity with the other, without pettiness, be vigilant and alert, but most importantly, re-knit ties, again and again, with others, with others, with the other, for whatever reasons. Be careful in our fears, keep and keep calm without losing sight of the situation in which we are immersed.

We join efforts to continue sharing content related to sound experimentation, sound art, audio, technology and reflections on our environment, which is our workplace.

We invite all those who want to send us proposals, invitations for dissemination and for the meeting to continue weaving ties, expand networks, to work together to build a broader view of a particular event and of a unique time that we have to live.

Sol Rezza | Franco Falistoco

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