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[English] Simple Listening Games to do with Children

These are all very simple games for adults and children that encourage attentive listening in a different way.

I’m listening, I’m listening. What are you listening to?

An ideal game for bedtime.
A guessing game but with sounds.

  • With the lights off start saying in turns, whispering, the sounds that everyone identifies.
    • Ex: I hear a car in the distance, do you hear it, do you hear the sound of your breathing, do you hear it?
  • TIP: Write down the number of sounds you have identified that night, so that you can aim to exceed that number the next night.

Sound Hunters

  • With a phone or recorder and a headset record strange sounds of the house.
    • Example: the washing machine, the sound of the toilet, the squeaking of the doors, the buzzing of the computer.
  • TIP: You can search for an audio effects app to transform the recorded sounds.

Sound Detectives

  • Each participant will take turns blindfolding himself and the other participants must choose an object and make it sound. The participant who is blindfolded in the shortest possible time must guess which sound object the sound made belongs to.
    • Ex: Hitting with a wooden spoon, opening the refrigerator door, peeling a banana, eating an apple.
  • TIP: Playing with several people or in groups makes it more fun.

Following the Sound

For this game you need an object that emits constant sound which can be an alarm clock or the sound of a cell phone.
From 3 or more participants.

  • One of the participants will be the judge (this role is changed each round). The judge must hide the sound object somewhere in the house and take the time it takes the other participants to find the object. The winner is the one who takes the least time to find it.

All these are very simple games, it is possible to adapt them with those who participate, thus being able to create their own game.

A different way to encourage attentive listening in both children and adults.

Author: Sol Rezza
Editor | Corrector: Franco Falistoco

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