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Inundare is a A/V performance by Sol Rezza for the hybrid festival MUTEK Argentina MUTEK Barcelona presented on 06.5.2021.

«In uncertain times, forms of communication expand, codes are reconstructed, narratives become stronger than ever. We are a wave, an ocean in constant movement»

In this work Sol Rezza plays with the idea of the sound element as a tide that floods and penetrates the body beyond the word. The communication and the understanding of the communicated as entities in permanent transformation that are nourished by social, technological and cultural changes. A subtle and minimalist sound game that invites us on an omnidirectional journey, where the sensory builds the shared space.

Inundare is a multimedia performance featuring live experimental electronics, voice processing combined with kaleidoscopic visuals that reinforce the hypnotic structure of the work.

Original Title: Inundare ©

Year of production: 2021

Premiere: 06.05.2021

Language: Spanish

Running time in mm:ss: 30:00

Video Format: Digitial | Full HD | .MOV H.264 .MP4

Audio: 2.0


Production / Commissioned by: MUTEK Argentina | AMPLIFY DAI | British Council

Idea / Script / Composition / Visuals: Sol Rezza

Camera: Guillermo Singolani

Audio engineer / Lighting engineer: Santiago Monaco

Video Edition: Guillermo Singolani | Santiago Monaco

Production: Franco Falistoco

Organization: Artlab

Partners: MUTEK Argentina | MUTEK España | AMPLIFY D.A.I | British Council |  Conseil des Arts du Canada |  Artlab

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