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Infinite Train

Infinite Train is a live electronic quadraphonic work by Sol Rezza for Proyecto Tanque presented on November 29, 2019. Music for specific site of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina.

«Like a mantra, the sound of the train cradled whoever was carried away by the rhythm, the movement and the changing landscape that appeared in the adjoining rectangle»

Proyecto Tanque is a research and outreach project and outreach project in Art and Science arose from the interaction between  UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martín) and UNLP (Universidad Nacional de La Plata) in which the acoustics of the acoustics of specific sites, summoning specific sites, summoning and accompanying and accompanying artists artists from different disciplines in the process of creation of the work.

Infinite Train is a live electronic sound work for four channels based on the concept of generative composition where a loop of sound is being modified and amplified. of sound is being modified and amplified, and amplified, feeding back to generate a piece of immersive sound. immersive sound piece.

Original Title: Infinite Train ©

Year of production: 2019

Premiere: 29.11.2019

Running time in mm:ss: 19:00

Format: Digitial .WAV

Audio: 4.0 Multichannel


Production / Commissioned by: Proyecto Tanque Universidad Nacional San Martin

Composition: Sol Rezza

Audio engineer: Esteban Gonzalez

Production: Franco Falistoco

Organization: Proyecto Tanque

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