Future Radio

Composed for the presentation of the book "Revolten Radio 30 days of RadioArt" during the opening of the 3rd residence of Radio Arte - Opera Café 2019.

Radio Art Residency

What is the future of radio? How does the radio of the future sound?

A future without antennas, a black hole in space that gives intermittent voices of the future, the present and the past. It is enough to close your eyes and connect from the place we are.

¿Cuál es el futuro de la radio? ¿Cómo suena la radio del futuro?

Un futuro sin antenas, un agujero negro en el espacio que entrega voces intermitentes del futuro, del presente y del pasado. Sólo basta cerrar los ojos y conectar desde el lugar que nos encontremos.

Project information:
Original Title: Future Radio©
Year of production: 2019
Country of production: México
Premiere: 14/03/2019
Language: English
Running time in mm:ss: 03:50

Technical Aspects:
Format: Digitial Wav
Audio: 2.0

Production / Commissioned by: Radio Art Residency
Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza

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