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Future Radio

Future Radio was produced by Sol Rezza for the presentation of the book Radio Revolten as part of the Radio Art Residency with Radio Corax.

«What is the future of radio? How does the radio of the future sound?

A future without antennas, a black hole in space that gives intermittent voices of the future, the present and the past. It is enough to close your eyes and connect from the place we are»

Two years after the Radio Revolten International Radio Art Festival, Radio CORAX again celebrated the unusual and playful radio. To mark the publication of the Radio Revolten Festival 2016 book “Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radio Art” and the opening of the third Radio Art Residency in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, a joint radio performance took place on March 14, 2019 at the Halle (Saale) Opera Café and on air. The performance brought together the voices of Radio Revolten 2016 curators and artists, scholarship holders from the last two Radio Art Residencies

Original Title: Future Radio©

Year of production: 2019

Premiere: 14.03.2019

Language: English

Running time in mm:ss: 03:50

Format: Digitial .Wav

Audio: 2.0

Credits: Production / Commissioned by: Radio Art Residency | Radio Corax

Script / Sound Design / Composition: Sol Rezza

Opening remarks: Knut Aufermann, radio artist and artistic director at Radio Revolten Festival 2016
Marc-André Schmachtel, Department of Film, Television, Radio broadcasting, Goethe-Institut,
Tina Klatte, Coordinator Radio Art Residency, Radio CORAX

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