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[English] Mystery, Avocados & Sound Design

Un juego que nos sumerge en el misterio a través de sencillos sonidos pero con una gran atmósfera. | A game that immerses us in mystery through simple sounds but with a great atmosphere.

Occasionally I need to stop to start, to reorganize, to have new ideas, to recharge energy.

Although in my daily planning I usually have spaces for rest or recreation, most of the time these moments are the most difficult to respect.

A race to be on time and meet the commitments of the day, the week, the month begin to cover more hours of the day.

I am aware that when I do not respect these recreational spaces, I become much more confused. My mind begins to think the same ideas over and over again in the same way. I get frustrated.

Choosing a video game to clear your mind is always a topic, it is how to choose a book or a movie. It has to be the Right GAME for the right time.


Gone Home is a first-person adventure video game released in August 2013 by The fullbright company.

The narration of the game begins when Katie Green Brian after a trip returns to her parents’ house on June 7, 1995 and finds that nobody is in the old house.

This is how Katie must discover, through hidden clues, what has happened to her parents and her sister Sam.

On the porch of the house outside an untimely storm breaks out that will accompany us throughout the game. At the front door we find a note from Sam.

Gone Home - Carta porche


I’m sorry I can’t be there to see you, but it’s impossible. Please, please don’t try to find out where I am. I don’t want mom and dad to know. We will see each other again someday.
Do not worry. I love you


After the first thunder, when you open the door of the house you know that you are alone and that something is not quite right.

I will be honest, the sound design although it is very basic, along with the music make up 80% of the game.

All the while they create a threatening atmosphere reminiscent of classic horror games where at any moment someone or something unexpected can appear while we are walking through the abandoned house.

The no-signal television, the toneless phone, and the punk music cassettes with groups like Bratmobile, The Youngins, and Heavens to Besty scattered around the house (which one can listen to) create an impeccable sound atmosphere that tells us the details of the history.

In turn, other sounds interact with us. Sam’s voiceover along with the voice of the protagonist immerse us in the story.

The Sounds of the House

The game takes place in a big old house with creaking boards, doors that open, various noises, and light switches (many light switches).

To achieve these sounds, the designers recorded at night inside a decoration store called «Rejuvenation» located in Portland.

Once the store closed at night we went to work recording all kinds of things we needed for the sounds of the house.

The fullbright company

One of the most important sounds was the floor grinding; To achieve different sounds, they recorded several takes using various elements such as an avocado!

The Game Catches

It is important to have the game in your language since the narrative of the story is found in the clues (letters, diaries, notes, recordings) that one finds.

Although the sound design is quite basic and simple; the general concept of the sound environment creates intense emotions in the player throughout the game.

A game more than recommended to distract yourself from everyday life and listen to a well told story.

The game is a short and simple game so it doesn’t have many system requirements. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and since 2016 for PS4 and XboxOne.


Author: Sol Rezza
Editor | Corrector: Franco Falistoco
@ 2019

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