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[English] To look at the sky, that’s what’s so special about it.

Her voice is completely sweet, calm. Among the things he tells me, he describes the place where he is. She actually describes details that for other people, would go unnoticed.

She is on a beach in Uruguay, she tells me that she cannot live without the immensity of the sea, which attracts her as much as the immensity of the sky.

«Here I’m a block away from the sea, I go every afternoon for a short swim and I sit on the shore watching the waves.

For me it is one of the things that are important. The trees. Being inside a forest and looking up, looking at the sky between the trees, these are the kind of things that help me a lot to live.»

Esmeralda Mallada

The voice I speak of is that of Esmeralda Herminia Mallada Invernizzi, professor of cosmography and mathematics, co-founder of the Association of Astronomy Amateurs of Uruguay. For her work in the field of astronomy, Esmeralda received recognition from the International Astronomical Union, an asteroid is named after her:
Asteroid 16277 Mallada.

Asteroid 16277 Mallada (a large asteroid) orbits between Mars and Jupiter in the main part of the asteroid belt. It is larger than 99% of asteroids with a size of approximately 13.3 kilometers in diameter.

It is at a distance of 1.56 AU from the Earth’s orbit at its closest point and takes 1,670 days, approximately four years to go around the sun.

The conversation went on almost without a break, we recorded more of a chat than an interview. And we could have gone on for hours, until nightfall, while the waves took over the soundscape and the kerosene lamp illuminated her face.

Frag. Interview with Esmeralda Mallada by Sol Rezza, 2021.

This is what this radio play Entre Marte a Júpiter is about; a beautiful interview I was able to conduct this week with a very particular woman who invites us not only to look at the sky with a different perspective, but also confronts us with a different view of life and everything that surrounds us.

La posición de Mallada se indica con un ◯ círculo rosa.

Special thanks to:
Franco Falistoco, producer of the interview.

1Sol de Noche = Lámpara antigua de queroseno.

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