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Sol Rezza

Sol Rezza - Proyecto Tanque - UNSAM - 2019

«We are all storytellers. I deeply believe that human beings are loaded with stories, it is our way of capturing the perception we have of the time and space in which we live.

I explore these concepts (time and space) through generative compositions made with virtual and analog instruments and algorithmic composition methods combined with audio spatialization techniques (binaurality, 3D audio, surround sound, multichannel sound).

My work is a hybrid between storytelling and experimental electronic music. I create immersive atmospheres for both face-to-face and virtual environments.

The backbone of my compositions is composed by the realization of rhythmic patterns that are combined with voices in different languages, soundscapes and experimental music to address narratives related to the fields of theoretical physics, mathematics, immersive technology and psychoacoustics.»- Sol Rezza

Sol Rezza is an Argentinean composer and sound designer fusing experimental electronics with immersive audio. A specialist in audio spatialisation and digital storytelling, she develops her work in virtual environments and live performances moving between art, psychoacoustics, and technology.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she began experimenting with new forms of editing and mixing, which brought her closer to the universe of radio art and experimental radio. She lived in Mexico for 12 years, where she studied audio engineering and sound design and eventually began to develop sound atmospheres for video games, installations, and live performances.

Her work has been published by numerous international labels including Acustronica and she has participated in a wide range of festivals such as the CTM Festival (Germany) in partnership with Deutschlandradio Kultur, MUTEK Festival (Canada), In/Out Festival (online), and File Prix Lux Festival (Brazil). She has participated in renowned artistic residencies including the Radio Art Residency at Radio Corax (Halle, Germany) in 2020 and Somerset House Studios Residency (London, England) in 2021 as part of the AMPLIFY D.A.I. Program.

Rezza’s work has been featured in several spaces, media, and festivals. She is currently working on the project Does Volume Equal Power? for the Mutek Festival jointly with artists Analaucía Roeder and Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin, and is about to premiere Entre Marte y Júpiter, a work commissioned by Goethe-Institut, Uruguay.

She currently lives and works in Argentina.


Filaments of a circle | 2021

Work commissioned by Festival In-Out and Prohelvetia.

A collaboration with visual artist Analucía Roeder.

Inundare | 2021

Work commissioned by AMPLIFY D.A.I, Festival MUTEK Argentina, British Council, Canada Council for the Arts.

Unpublished work.
Commissioned by Kunst Radio and the Goethe Institut Uruguay.

Finite Infinite | 2021
Designed for the virtual platform Para 80000 2021 – Munich, Germany.
Work commissioned by Para 80000, Goethe-Institut (Germany).

An experimental radio work in collaboration between sound artist Franco Falistoco and Sol Rezza presented for the first time at the Tsonami Festival Chile 2020

De cerca nadie es normal | 2020 Work commissioned by Archivo General de la Nación Argentina, Centro de Arte Sonoro (CASo) and Centro Cultural Kirchner.

All is Waves | 2020 Designed for the virtual gallery Distant Arcades at MUTEK Montreal Festival.
Work commissioned by AMPLIFY D.A.I, Festival MUTEK Montreal, British Council, Canada Council for the Arts.

TEMAZCAL: Interacciones entre el Espacio y el Sonido | 2019

Future Radio | 2019

Work commissioned by Radio Corax/Radio Revolten for the premiere of the Third Radio Art Residency, Halle, Germany

Rooms in your Mind | 2019

Presented at Radiophonic Places Festival as part of the centennial celebration of the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany

TEMAZCAL: Interacciones entre el Espacio y el Sonido | 2019

Presented at the Ciclo de Arte Sonoro organized by EspacioLab, Centro Cultural Parque de España/AECID, Argentina.

POOL | 2019

Work commissioned by Festival Tsonami de Arte Sonoro, Chile and Kunstradio, Austria.

We are Measuring the River | 2018

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